Aussies recycle enough shoes to stretch 360km! 

TreadLightly is celebrating a new recycling record this month but is calling on Australians to ‘step up’ for National Recycling Week to help reach its target of one million shoes

MELBOURNE – 07 NOVEMBER 2022: For National Recycling Week (7-14 November, 2022) TreadLightly is celebrating that Australians have collected over 600,000 pairs of unwanted sports and active lifestyle footwear for recycling which stretches to over 360km (that’s Sydney to Canberra and beyond!) and is calling for Aussies to help reach its target of one million shoes by 30 June 2023. 

TreadLightly is a new national recycling initiative, powered by the Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) and recycler Save Our Soles (SOS), helping Australians to recycle their pre-loved sports and active lifestyle shoes by giving them new life as change room flooring, anti-fatigue mats and gym mats across Australia.  

Shaun Bajada, Executive Director, ASGA says that National Recycling Week is the perfect opportunity for Australians to do their bit for the planet by recycling their unwanted shoes and spreading awareness of the initiative, as training shoes have components that take up to 1000 years to break down in landfill.  

“National Recycling Week is a good reminder to go through your wardrobe to find any old sports or active lifestyle shoes that you no longer need. The TreadLightly program continues to evolve at a rapid rate. It’s rewarding to know we’ve made a positive impact so far with more than 600,000+ pairs of shoes recycled but we’ve still got a long way to go,” said Bajada.  

“Every month we’re increasing our volume of shoes recycled. We’ve gone from recycling 1,000 kgs per month to around 12,000 kgs per month. And as the program continues to gain momentum, we look forward to ramping up our collections over the next six months to reach our target of one million shoes recycled,” said Bajada.  

“We are calling on Aussies to step up on social to help raise awareness around shoe recycling: film a fun workout in your old trainers or take a selfie dropping them off to the collection units and feel good knowing you’re contributing to saving the planet,” added Bajada.  

TreadLightly partners with 26 of Australia’s leading sports brands to allow consumers, retailers and manufacturer’s the opportunity to create a local solution to the global waste problem – making it easier than ever before for us all to tread lightly. 

To participate in National Recycling Week and help keep unwanted shoes out of landfill, simply head to one of TreadLightly’s 600 collection points across Australia. To find your local collection point visit 

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About ASGA

The Australian Sporting Goods Association was formed in 1981 to act as the “peak body” representing a broad spectrum of sporting and active lifestyle goods industry participants, including brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

ASGA is a leading industry voice on issues impacting the health, trade, taxation, regulation, market research, environmental and sustainability areas of the sporting and active lifestyle industries. It aims to foster the market growth, provide services, and advocate for increased participation in sport and physical activity. ASGA is a leading advocate in the industry and is at the forefront of debate and leads industry opinion.

About Save Our Soles

As Recycling Process Lead, Save Our Soles (SOS) manage all resource reclamation activities, from extraction to end product development. Save Our Soles is committed to ensuring that all Shoes that are imported into Australia and New Zealand are recycled and used in this market. Australia imports approximately 100 million pairs into Australia and New Zealand every year and we have to start reusing this valuable product rather than throwing them into landfill.

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