Purchase products made from recycled shoes

TreadLightly is passionate about driving a truly circular economy and turning old shoes into useful products is a step in the right direction. 

TreadLightly collects the pre-loved shoes from retail stores across Australia, then they are taken sorted and stored before they are shipped to our recycler Save Our Soles (SOS) to be turned into recycled crumb to create new products.


Save Our Soles (SOS) manufactures Australian recycled flooring that is ideal for commercial and domestic applications. It offers great underfoot comfort, absorbs walking noise and has excellent non-slip properties. The SOS material consists of 100% recycled material which uses a blend of recycled shoes and rubber from recycled tyres.


Discover our range of recycled floors

SOS offers two types of flooring suited for commercial and domestic use. The flooring differs in density depending on requirements.

1000 Density – 8.74 N/mm

 800 Density – 5.64 N/mm2

Example insTallation of recycled floors

Rebel Change Room

nike uni hill

AFL Change Room

floor installation

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